Cancellation & Refund Policy

Our center of focus is absolute consumer loyalty. In the occasion, in the event that you are disappointed with the administrations provided, we will discount back the cash, provided the reasons are real and demonstrated after examination. It would be ideal if you read the fine rules of each match before going along with it, it gives every one of the insights concerning the match.

In the event of disappointment from our administrations, customers have the freedom to drop their ventures and solicitation a discount from us. Our Policy for the retraction and discount will be as per the following:

Cancellation Policy

  1. For Cancellations please contact the us using the Contact Us link.

Solicitations got later than 7 business days preceding the finish of the present assistance time frame will be treated as crossing out of administrations for the following help time frame.

Refund Policy

We will attempt our best to make the reasonable plan ideas for our customers. In the event that any customer isn’t totally happy with our guidelines and match we can give them a discount.

The amount paid will be directly refunded to their respective wallet.

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